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Rotational Inspection Trips



Take advantage of our rotational inspection trip where we take you from door to door to visit multiple developments to find the best fitting property and lifestyle of your choice. A complete A-Z tour starting from the moment you arrive at the airport, the duration of your purchasing process and a lifelong aftersales. The best part is that it is completely free as you will be reimbursed once the trusted team of lawyers finalizes your contract of sale.


What we do differently

In our program, over 800 properties are analysed, categorized and thoroughly checked to help the buyer narrow down their options. We pride ourselves on being unbiased in the analysis and due diligence we do and give full pros and cons to the buyer for a region or property. We have consultants in real estate with lifestyle, investment and neighbourhood knowledge. Our rotational inspection trip will cover the entirety of the island and is customized for the buyer's needs and search goals. This is why the trip will start even before the buyer’s arrival to the country with a consulting session to listen to the client's desires and to narrow down some options and regions.


The timeline of the trip

During the briefing session, the client’s general queries are answered, options are narrowed and a general timetable for the trip is determined. This session is where the buyer’s purpose of purchase is discussed and the buyer is informed of their options. The rotational trips usually last between 1-5 days depending on the magnitude of purchase, and usually, every day is reserved for a different region and or type of property. 

Then the buyer follows up this session up with travel arrangements so the dates of the program are determined for the agent to work on the details. The agent then follows the buyer with the details of their arranged airport pick-up, accommodation, transportation and a customized timetable of properties to be visited that are selected at the briefing session with the client.

Upon arrival, the buyer is taken to their accommodation for a break and given a full comparative analysis on the properties selected for their trip with investment, and lifestyle reports.  This is followed by information and adventure-filled trips around the various cities, and neighbourhoods, where the buyer is given the chance to ask their questions and get the full details on the properties and the locations visited.

Buyer is given full help they need from the local experts, that will give them 24/7 support to ensure a smooth and complete experience when choosing the right property. Our program offers expert knowledge in Real Estate, exclusive discounts and perks, and a valuable network of the best lawyers, valuators, ex-pat bankers and all the other small things that one needs to deal with during the due diligence and paperwork phase when choosing, and acquiring property overseas. Our experts give one on one time to listen to buyer’s needs and goals, hence give a customized, full comparative lifestyle and investment analysis, eliminating unfit options from 800+ properties in our extensive portfolio.

Once the property/properties that the buyer has deemed as a good fit are determined a small deposit is put on to make a reservation. Following this, we will introduce the buyer to a team of trusted local lawyers and ensure they get adequate support to finalise the paperwork to become the legal owner. We guarantee a full refund on accommodation, and transportation expenses when the purchase is finalized with our agency and guarantee life-long aftersales support. 


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