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Larnaca, also spelt as ‘Larnaka’ is located on the Southern Coast of the Island of Cyprus and it is the third largest city after Nicosia and Limassol.  It is home to the International Airport located on the fringe of the city with easy access to and from the city centre.  The city is also home for the second largest commercial sea port on the Island.  


The city which is built on the ruins of ancient Kition is a welcoming home to the major 3 religions with the biggest synagogue in Cyprus, the Church of Saint Lazarus and the sacred Hala Sultan Tekke mosque.


Larnaca's waterfronts, parks and beautiful beaches with leisure and sporting facilities enhance its beautiful coastline.  The visitors and locals alike, enjoy the very long coastal strip with different beaches.

The main street of Larnaca offers an excellent quality shopping experience with leading brands, and local boutiques .  The same street is parallel to the Finicoudes  Avenue promenade, a beautiful strip of palm trees, beaches, hotels, restaurants and cafes .


Larnaca is more traditional, more family like, more cozy, differentiating the city from Agia-Napa and Limassol.  The Larnaka citizens are hard working people who enjoy their quiet days and long weekends, the Cypriot style'... 


Larnaca is also the number one chosen destination for Nicosia citizens, for their summer and weekend vacations.


The universities around Larnaca host many students, a fact that adds greatly to Larnaca's young vibe, night life and innovation.


Lately, the ministry of tourism is investing in the traffic free city, with a number of new 4 and 5 star hotels and in general improvement of the city landscape.


The municipality has just finished reconstructing 2 major parks with children's playgrounds, and now in the process of reconstructing the big old (new) market , promising it to be vibrant, full of colour, amazing smells and commotion throughout the day.


The old port is also being revitalised with contracts won by Israeli companies and will become the most luxurious and biggest Marina in Cyprus with private villas and yacht parking.

Larnaca is surrounded with old villages – like Pervolia, Kiti, Oroklini, Livadia and Pyla.  Each one has an old village centre along side with new rising centres offering all styles of quality of life.  The best and most famous Oldest Cypriot Coffee shops and Taverns are situated in the Larnaca region.


When considering Relocation to Cyprus, young families always prefer Larnaca as it offers a good verity of private schools, good public schools along with cheaper land and housing prices, so one can have more place for a lesser expense compared to both Nicosia and Limasol.


We have big expectations about this city.  Being at the right place at the right time, now is the best time to invest in Larnaca!



Article written with thanks by Polina Shachamorov - Real Estate Consultant    14.06.2021



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