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Nicosia is the largest city and capital of Cyprus. Nicosia is a remarkably safe city to live with a family and to walk around in the streets. Though entire Cyprus has reasonably priced housing, Nicosia is a nice place to live in with a high rating for healthcare, safety, and business freedom. It is one of the top ten cities. You can invest in a property in Nicosia. You can buy house in Nicosia if you really want to live in the best city.

Invest in northern Cyprus real estate!

When you plan to invest in Northern Cyprus real estate, why not invest in a property in Nicosia. You can search for house for sale in Nicosia. If you have come to Nicosia to live temporarily, you can apartments for sale in Nicosia. You can contact us at AVERTISS and tell us your needs. We have many property options for you. We are North Cyprus estate agents. We deal with property sales and rentals belonging to Northern Cyprus real estate.

Find amazing flats for sale Nicosia!

The cost of living in the north is significantly lower, especially when it comes to flats for sale in Nicosia. Buying a house for sale in Nicosia could be a great value for your investment. It would be the perfect choice for you if you want to make the best use of your retirement funds. You can buy a house or choose from flats for sale in Nicosia for yourself or rent them to derive regular monthly income from your retirement funds. Our North Cyprus estate agents will help you buy house in Nicosia. This city is best from the perspectives of culture and leisure, education, healthcare, and amenities. Life is very comfortable in Nicosia. Your family will feel happy after moving into this city. 

Invest in villas to rent in northern Cyprus!

Tell us your plan! We can arrange a house, flat, apartment, villas, or whatever you need to live in. We can show you villas to rent in Northern Cyprus if you want luxurious living. We have the right solution to your accommodation problem in Cyprus. We certainly have a focus on what you can afford to invest in a residential property or pay as rent. In any situation, our North Cyprus estate agents will make every effort to satisfy your needs most aptly from all perspectives. Let’s take advantage of our services like many other clients do!

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