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cyprus property

North Nicosia:

The biggest city in Northern Cyprus is Nicosia (Lefkoşa).  Nicosia is the Capital City where the big majority of the governmental offices and thus the government employees are located. It shares the three busiest crossings with South Cyprus.  The city houses the largest shopping district Dereboyu in North Cyprus.  Furthermore, there are 11 universities in Nicosia, Near East University, and Cyprus International University being the most prominent ones with thousands of international students.  North Nicosia is actually a small city with 60,000 residents and more than 40,000 students living, totaling 100,000 people.  The climate of the city is hot and dry during the summer months and cool in winters.  One great advantage of Nicosia is that humidity is very low and thus summer nights tend to be cooler and breezier than most coastal towns in Cyprus.  

Some Interesting Locations:


Dereboyu Nicosia is a popular Avenue and had been that way for at least 20+ years.  It is closely located to schools, cross points to South Cyprus, and Ministries.  It contains popular cafes, shops, a Mall, Cinema, restaurants, hotel, and bars


Gönyeli (Yeni Kent) Belediye Bulvarı

Yenikent Nicosia is a newly developed avenue with walking and biking trails.  The location is popular with beauty shops and boutiques it contains. It is also home to some bars, cafes, and restaurants.  The location is newly developing with Cypriot communities settling in villas of Yenikent region.  As the demand grew the prices of land and the value of shops increased, the quality of life in the region has also increased over the years.  The Villas built in this area are also in high demand.

Nicosia Old Town (Walled City)

Nicosia Walled City is the historic center of Nicosia, divided into two in 1974.  It is home to historic landmarks like Büyük Han, Büyük Hamam, Kumarcilar Hani, Dikili tas, Girne Kapisi, and many more museums.  For the past 10+ years, it has developed in popular entertainment locations with Barasta, Narnia, Ovis Coffees, Alice, Berlin Club, Sabor restaurant, Araf, and many more




Many private high schools are located in Nicosia to name a few; Levent College, TED College, Necat British College, Near East College as well as the main public college Turk Maarif Koleji.  For families with kids, the good education system and schools have played an important role in their decision on where to live in Nicosia.  Since there are crossing to the South, families that want their children to be educated in South Cyprus also prefers to live in Nicosia for obvious convenience reasons.  Universities in the City are also well developed with especially Near East University and Cyprus International University operating out of modern, high-tech campuses.





The the largest state-owned hospital Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital is located in Nicosia.  In addition, Near East Hospital, Kolan British Hospital, Etik, Cyprus Life are also among other prominent hospitals in the city.  The IVF and Dental Care sector is also well developed within the city attracting international patients from all over the world.





Nicosia Casino Hotels:

The Casino Hotels in Nicosia offer quality entertainment and gaming experiences to their clients. The following are the Hotels with Casinos in Nicosia.  

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Nicosia Saray Hotel & Casino

City Royal Hotel Casino



Real Estate in Nicosia

Due to its strategic central location, being the capital, housing the majority of government offices and 11 universities, having three access points to South Cyprus, North Nicosia is experiencing an ever-growing population.  People also living, working, or being educated in South Cyprus also prefer to live in Nicosia. As a result, the city centre properties providing easy access to universities, shopping, governmental offices, and South Cyprus crossing are in constant demand.  These centrally located properties are known for yielding above-average returns with easy reselling capabilities.  For this reason especially 2-bed apartments in Nicosia City Centre are always in high demand providing solid capital appreciation and high return on investment.  Gönyeli Yeni Kent, Anıttepe, Hamitköy as well as Dereboyu Kumsal areas are also always in high demand for Villa projects, catering to the domestic market. 

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