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cyprus property

Real Estate Project Management in Northern Cyprus 

In today’s very competitive real estate market in North Cyprus, it is important for the developers to build the right project that would cater to the needs and wants of the market.  This requires market expertise and knowledge that allows the builder to acquire the right land, get the right design, pick the right materials, market the right way and eventually sell the project in the shortest amount of time possible to guarantee the highest profit possible.

The importance of what needs to be done about a project before and after the construction comes to the fore is what differentiates between success and failure. 


With our nearly 20 years of expertise in the North Cyprus property market, we can offer any developer, albeit new or seasoned, custom-tailored, and comprehensive professional real estate project management consultancy at a sensible cost.



Some of our Consultancy Services:  



1- Correct Construction Plot Selection in the most demanded areas of North Cyprus 


2- North Cyprus Real Estate Buyer Market Analysis 


3- North Cyprus Developers Competitive Market Analysis 


4- North Cyprus Property Market Feasibility Study 


5- Construction Project Architectural Design and Material Selection recommendations 


6- Property Pricing Analysis 


7- Organising Project Pre-Sales Documents (Contracts etc.) 


8- Marketing Strategies (Including PR, Social and Other Media) 


9- Show House Organisation 


10- Project Launch 


11- Marketing and Sales 


12- Negotiation and Closing Sale 


13- Title Deed Transfer to Buyers 


14- After Sales Services


For more information about our services and how we can help you get the best possible outcome of your project please contact me for our Real Estate Project Management services at [email protected] 

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