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Iskele, Boğaz and Bafra Properties



Long Beach Properties:


One of the most famous residential areas Long Beach lies in this area.  Long Beach is home to a nicely designed, modern beach community with more then 10,000 living in the area.  Long Beach boasts a very cosmopolitan community formed of residents from Russian Speaking Countries, English Speaking Countries as well as local beach-loving Cypriots.  It is a well developed area with good infrastructure, many modern residential complexes, a new hospital, schools, restaurants and many social facilities.  The advantage of Iskele and the Long Beach area is that it offers excellent rental returns as it attracts locals and tourists alike during the summer months yielding excellent rental returns.  


Boğaz Properties:

Boğaz Beach, a traditional Cypriot Fishing Village, is also very close to this area.  Boğaz spices up the social scene of the area with traditional family owned and operated seafront fish restaurants where most of the fish is sourced locally from the area.  Real estate in Boğaz offers a relatively more ’traditional’ way of life and again provides high rental returns due to the same reason as the properties in Long Beach.


Bafra Tourism Area Properties:


Bafra is on the northern end of Famagusta bay.  Bafra and ‘Bafra Strip’ is considered to be the ‘Las Vegas of North Cyprus’ whereby thirteen new 5 star casino hotels (already four of them in operation) are being built along its magnificent untouched beaches together with a beautiful Golf Course.  The government is pouring millions into this area to essentially increase the hotel bed capacity of North Cyprus pumping more money into the economy and creating new jobs.  The hotels being built are of very high standards with a large, Vegas Like ‘theme hotel’ atmosphere.  There are also a number of residential properties available for sale in this area as well.  These residential units are very suitable and attractive to gaming enthusiasts who would like to enjoy the social ambiance of the area but would prefer to stay in a self-catered apartment unit, instead of a hotel room.  The area also offers high rental returns as a great deal of holiday makers prefer to stay in these residential properties especially during non-winter months.


Bafra has been selected as the new epicentre of North Cyprus tourism industry with a multi-million dollar government tourism master plan. There are 9 luxury hotel projects on the Bafra Strip, 4 five-star luxury hotels already in operation & 18 Hole Golf Course under construction.


Hotels in the Bafra Tourism Strip include:


Noah’s Ark

Noah’s Ark Deluxe Hotel & Spa offers 616 rooms over 1,776,045 ft2 open area. Inspired by the legend of Noah’s Ark, the hotel is specifically designed to fuse the legend with modern details.


Kaya Artemis

739 rooms enriched with luxurious amenities, pools, spa and beauty centre and all other facilities, with its untouched eye-catching beaches, glittering sea; a replica of historic Artemis Temple, Kaya Artemis, with all its attractiveness, is amazing and so admiring


Limak Cyprus Deluxe

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel is a unique phenomenon. Glistening with splendour and opulence it offers unparalleled holiday experience. As part of a prestigious award-winning chain. Limak Cyprus Deluxe is taking

Cypriot hospitality to a whole new level.


Concorde Resort

The Concorde Resort is an adventure just waiting to spoil its guests from the moment they arrive. Standing proudly on its own magnificent sandy beach, boasting a variety of pools and exciting amenities, this incredible resort ensures endless amusement and bliss for all.



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