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Famagusta Properties:

Famagusta City Centre 

Famagusta (Mağusa) is located in the eastern part of the island. Spanning from Varosha (Maraş) in the south to Bafra Tourism Centre in the north Famagusta encompasses the historical Venetian Old Town together with Famagusta Bay.  

Running parallel to the coast,  Famagusta centre has a very popular shopping avenue, Salamis Caddesi, with shopping centres, popular restaurants, bars, and leisure centres primarily frequented by the local and international students.  Downtown Famagusta is home to the Eastern Mediterranean University which is the largest and most populous university in North Cyprus.  At its peak, it has a student population of approximately 25,000 pupils with a great majority being international students from many different countries.   With its high numbers of international students, city centre properties in Famagusta are always in high demand with very high occupancy and return on investment rates, booming with high demand in long-term rentals. Flats in this region have high rates of occupancy and rental return as the demand for rentals is very high and the supply of flats is limited with some dormitories offering hotel-like stays for a higher budget, the privately-owned flats can be a very good investment for rental returns.


Old-Town Famagusta

Old-Town Famagusta is home for historical landmarks where the touristic entertainment is integrated into the old-town Famagusta’s traditional shopping bazaars and historic buildings

Othello Castle is located at the entrance of old town Famagusta, where William Shakespeare wrote the famous Othello play, it is lit with special effects at night time and receives high interest and visits by literature lovers during daytime

Old town bazaar has traditional jewellery stores, restaurants that serve international and local cuisine

Some of the historic monasteries and churches have been turned into bars with cosy atmospheres that has live music on summer nights

Many yellow stone buildings have also been turned into traditional restaurants that serve maze and kebabs

Old-Town Famagusta is also home to Saint Nicholas Cathedral later turned into Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and Namik Kemal Dungeon closely located from each other

Some famous patisseries like Petek and Ekor have been satisfying the sweet-tooth cravings of many for decades on the same alleyway

Tourists provide a very good income during touristic season from April to October for the local shops and diners

Salamis Ruins

Bedis beach in Salamis is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters and is popular amongst Scandinavians and Russians for beach holidays

The award-winning Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel offers a luxurious destination for fun in the sun. Located right on the beach with endless golden sands and turquoise waters, the resort also has a spa, water park and superb dining

Salamis ruins the Ancient Roman City has The Gymnasium with impressive natural stone columns and the Roman Theatre with natural acoustics where many concerts are held place today

Varosha (Ghost Town)

Varosha is a famous resort town that had been abandoned during the inter-communal struggles of 1974.  However recently in 2020 and 2021 the Varosha beach and certain parts of the town had been reopened to the public.  Since its abandonment in 1974, the once glamorous city had been neglected with many of its buildings turning into ruin, hence infamously being nick-named 'The Ghost Town’.  Being in Varosha is like being in a Hollywood movie set as time seems to have been frozen for almost half a century.  Today many tourists visit the town with access to its beautiful white sand beach with biking trails, walking paths etc.  On the northern edge of the Ghost town lies the popular Palm Beach Hotel with its 5-star casino hotel with calm beaches allowing panoramic views of Varosha and its beaches.  


Article written with thanks by:

Dengiz Kürşat and Söylem Çoli         

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