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Kyrenia (Girne) Properties

Nestled between the Kyrenia Five Fingers Mountain range and The Mediterranean Sea, Kyrenia is where lush green nature meets the azure waters of the sea.  It is considered to be the Tourism Capital of North Cyprus.  With its scenic Kyrenia Harbour, dozens of hotels, 16 world-class casinos, vibrant nightlife and 5 universities, Kyrenia has always been experiencing a transient population activity.  Professionals, tourists, and international students all come to Kyrenia, spend some time either for their touristic, professional jobs - activities or studies and leave the city after they’re done with whatever they were doing. 

Furthermore, especially when the Local Cypriots who had lived abroad for their personal reasons decide to return back to their home country, generally the city they choose to live in is Kyrenia.  All of this activity described results in a constant increase in the population of this not-so-large city.

This way of life of the city results in constant demand for the city centre apartments.  Especially professionals and students love to live either in or very close to the city centre due to the vibrant lifestyle and limitless social activities.  As a result, properties in Kyrenia City Centre yield excellent rental returns along with solid capital appreciation.  Any and all properties, including apartments, flats, villas, shops or plots within the so-called ‘apartment zone’ of the city are considered to be a very sound real estate investment in Cyprus.


Down Town Kyrenia 


International tourists make Kyrenia Downtown a hotspot all year around with the best casinos in the Island being located in close range within each other, booming the hotel occupancies and short term rentals. Many returning casino customers even opt for the option of owning a flat in close range.

Popular and famous hotel-casinos can be listed as Pia-Bella, The Arkin Colony, Les Ambassadors, Lords Palace, Pasha, Kaya Palazzo to name a few… On the Western Side of the city is where Merit Hotel Chains are found and on the Eastern Side of the City there are Acapulco, Cratos and Elexus Casino Hotels.  .

Shopping is best done on the Bedrettin Demirel, Mete Adanir and Semih Sancar Avenues in addition to the historic Çarşı in the Old Harbour region

Hotels in Kyrenia Downtown are not only famous for their casinos but also their restaurants, bars and clubs are top of the line in entertainment world-wide, being an alternative to Ibiza Spain and Agia-Napa Cyprus.

A few hot venues and Clubs are The Cage Club, The Cheetah, Cielo Club, Sky Bar to name a few...

Most of these Clubs host shows together with internationally-famous DJ’s like ‘Tinie Tempah’ and ‘Kill the Buzz’ that attracts fans all around the world.

Restaurants like the Eziç Chains, Kybele, Bellapais Gardens, Gillham Vineyard, in addition to local fisheries like the Kervansaray Fish Restaurant also receive high demand and ratings. 

Old Town (Girne) Kyrenia

Old-Town Kyrenia is home for historical landmarks where the local fish-shops had been integrated into the traditional fisher-man houses located on the Kyrenia harbour.

Kyrenia Castle is located on the Kyrenia Harbour built in the 16th century by the Venetians over a previous Crusader fortification. Within its walls lies a twelfth-century chapel showing reused late Roman capitals, and the Shipwreck Museum 

Old town bazaar has traditional jewellery stores, restaurants that serve international and local cuisine in addition to fish-shops on the harbour

Other historical places, outside of the old town Kyrenia include St. Hilarion, Buffavento Castle and the Bellapais Monastery making Kyrenia home to great historic significance.

Kyrenia Nature

Having the Five Finger Mountain range running parallel to the sea all throughout the southern part of the City, Kyrenia offers elevated sea views from throughout.

Kyrenia Mountains offer the best hiking experience with fresh air and steep hills. Alsancak National Park, and Lapta walking trails are very much loved by International residents with Cosmopolite International communities.   

Camping in Tatlısu  Kaplıca and Akanthou are preferred by many European Nature lovers with warm weathers and sea-front camping sites

Alagadi Turtle Beach has a conservation site for protecting endangered turtle species of Caretta Carettas

Scuba-diving along the North Coast Line of the island is a preferred activity by many to observe the rich sea-life of the Mediterranean

Esentepe also offers one of the best natural scenery with luscious greens and an 18 hole Championship Korineum Golf Course

Universities in Kyrenia

Many universities with international students, demanding for seasonal housing, rental prices and occupancy rates during high-season are ever growing in Kyrenia.

Investing in a studio or a 1 bedroom flat for renting offers very attractive rental returns.

Girne American University, Ilim University, Girne University, Final and Arucad Universities are a few very well established universities in Kyrenia.  

Health Care, Private Hospitals and IVF in Kyrenia


With private and affordable hospitals emerging in North Cyprus, the health tourism from European, Middle Eastern and other countries with easy access to healthcare and treatments is in high demand

Especially in the fields of fertility treatments, dentistry and plastic surgery, Kyrenia Health Care institutions are very popular and receive a high demand internationally.

Fertility treatments in North Cyprus are leading the world as cheaper prices with minimal or no limitations on the treatment procedures are offered.  There are many IVF clinics in all around North Cyprus and international health care visits are increasing in number hence has growing economic impact



Article written with thanks by:


Söylem Çoli  

Broker Assistant, Avertiss Real Estate



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