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North Cyprus Casinos

Ok. So you have been to the beach, had a sun-tan, went to a kebab house, had a walk in the horse-shoe-shaped harbor, and want to do something different? A smaller version of Las Vegas, North Cyprus houses more than 30 casinos countrywide, ideal for those who enjoy betting and gambling. Famous singers & celebrities come from Turkey and many other countries from the region to some of the casinos to make the night as memorable as possible.

Casino tourism has also grown to become a significant contribution to the economy in Northern Cyprus. They were first opened in the 1990s, and have since become very popular with visitors from Turkey, South Cyprus and the rest of the Eastern Mediterranean. This has led to huge investments in the casino sector.

One of the areas of entertainment in which Northern Cyprus occupies a leading position in gambling establishments or CASINO. Every year more than 2 million tourists come to Northern Cyprus to try their luck. The popularity of casinos in the northern part of the island is growing steadily. Wealthy clients from Lebanon, Kuwait, Turkey, Russia, and other countries as well as South Cyprus often visit Northern Cyprus not only for the sake of relaxation or beautiful weather but especially for the game.

Most casinos in Northern Cyprus are located in five-star hotels. As one of the important components of the nightlife of Northern Cyprus, casinos operate at the highest level of world standards and have gained unshakable popularity at the international level. Anyone can enter, wire in and out funds without restrictions, except for local residents, Turkish Cypriots, who are not allowed to enter gambling houses. As a rule, casinos are open from 12 noon to morning; visitors are offered free drinks, food, etc.

In Northern Cyprus, there are currently approximately 30 casinos located in all major cities – Girne, Lefkosa, Famagusta. Many of them are larger than European or Middle Eastern Casinos. The largest casinos in Northern Cyprus include Noah’s Ark, Kaya Artemis, Golden Tulip, Lord, Merit (Park, Crystal Cove, Royal, Premium…), Mercure, Limak Cyprus Deluxe, Cratos Premium.

The properties around the casino hotels offer excellent investment potential as both Casino/hotel employees as well as Casino players who do not want to stay in the hotel but rather prefer a more private accommodation generate huge demand.  Both short and long-term rentals for properties near casino hotels are on a constant rise especially in the summer months resulting in overbooking. Casino property investing is very popular both among locals and international buyers as interest continue to rise.


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