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North Cypus at a Glance

cyprus property

Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean Sea to the East of Europe. North Cyprus is on the North Coast of the Island. North Cyprus is as big as four times the New York City and has a 403 mile coastline. Easily accessed from Europe, Middle East and Central Asia with many direct flights with short and affordable air travel. It is the third largest Island in the Mediterranean and has been the cross-road for many civilizations for centuries.

It had been a part of many empires, starting with the earliest civilizations in stone-age, followed by Hellenistic period, Roman, Byzantine-empire, Lusignans, Venetians, Ottomans and British. This has left a remarkable impact on the island’s diverse culture, architecture, historic-artefacts and landmarks.

North Cyprus has been home for many famous artists, architects, and writers such as William Shakespeare who famously given name to the Othello Castle in Famagusta. Nicosia is the capital of the country and historically famous for the Great Inn, and the Venecian Column to name just a few. Some of the antique houses have been turned into bars with cozy atmospheres that have live acoustic music on summer nights. Old-Town Kyrenia is also home for historical landmarks such as the Kyrenia Castle, and the Bellapais Monastery famous with its unmatched city and sea views from the mountains of Kyrenia. Cyprus has always been popular with celebrities and in the past American actresses Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren were home-owners and frequent visitors.

Cyprus is also home for world-class entertainment with its 5-star hotels, well-kept beaches, luxury spas, and large casinos as well as clubs and a lively night-life. Harbor bars and restaurants, shopping alleyways, traditional cusine full of delicious flavours and local taverns also provide culturally rich entertainment.

Iskele Long Beach is the most famous beach in North Cyprus, with modern infrastructure for cycling, surfing, skating and many more. Bafra has been identified as a major tourism area and is currently being developed as part of the government’s tourism master plan with glorious sandy beaches and clean blue waters. The area is considered to be the ‘Las Vegas’ of North Cyprus with four 5-star luxury hotels in operation and 10 more high class hotel projects. Korenium Golf Course in Esentepe, is an 18hole championship golf course with a beautiful landscape, sea views and is surrounded by luscious greens.

North Cyprus is a secular country and modern life is pretty much western-adapted. Being an Ex-British colony, English is widely spoken not just in causal speaking but also business is conducted in English as well as banking and legal affairs and is one of the official languages of the country, which eliminates language barriers for many. Traces of British is also evident in currency as British Pounds is being used in real estate transactions and cars drive on the left-lane.

Healthy and comfortable living is inexpensive in North-Cyprus; and there is affordable transportation, food and accommodation. You can easily get by with a budget of 1000 US dollars per month. With 300 days of sunshine a year, many clear-sandy beaches and well-managed golf-courses, it makes a perfect holiday-getaway destination. There are cosmopolite communities living in all the big cities like Kyrenia, Iskele and Famagusta. Residency permit is granted for property owners and their first degree relatives.

North Cyprus has one of the lowest crime rates, safe, and slow paced living is praised by expats for an optimal environment for families to safely raise their children. Cypriots call this life style ‘yavas yavas’ and it means slowly slowly. Higher Education is one of the leading growing industries in North Cyprus with international students making up the majority. Top quality international education can be obtained from many private schools with a choice of SAT’s for States Universities and A-levels for British Universities.

Health services and medical care is developed and well managed, with many affordable public and private hospitals all around the country. Many well-trained professional doctors around the world prefer to exercise their profession in North-Cyprus due to the relaxed island lifestyle. Prices are almost a fraction of the similar medical treatments offered in the States. This has lead to the increase in health tourism from European and other countries, especially for fertility treatments, dentistry and plastic surgery. There are many IVF clinics all around North Cyprus and international demand for these services is increasing hence has a growing economic impact.

In essence, Cyprus is a great place to retire, invest and enjoy a beautiful Mediterranean lifestyle.


Soylem Coli          

Broker Assistant, Avertiss Real Estate

September 10, 2020. Kyrenia, North Cyprus.

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